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Parodontax Journey Global Campaign

  3d, Campaign, Print, Video, Visual

In 2017, GSK decided to relaunch its line of gum care products – Parodontax. Grey London developed an ambitious new campaign aiming increase product sales. The idea involves a provocative journey metaphor for the progression of gum disease, that can end in tooth loss.

Braulio started by creating the key visuals and design elements to be used all across this massive 360 campaign. He was responsible for the design of the global ATL executions, including OOH and TV animations. Finally, Braulio set-up campaign guidelines to ensure cross-market consistency.

This has been one of GSK’s most successful campaigns, driving even bigger penetration to the world No.1 brand of gum care products.

Date: 12 | 2016

Targeted OOH

TV MOA Sequence

Campaign Extension

Parodontax Journey Global Campaign
Parodontax Journey Global Campaign

Braulio also art directed ads of product variants and local adaptations – as in the UK, where it’s called Corsodyl.