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Smirnoff World’s Best Drinks Initial Studies

  Campaign, Visual
Smirnoff World’s Best Drinks Initial Studies

During the year of 2011, Diageo started developing an audacious brand new global campaign for Smirnoff. The objective was to motivate consumers to buy Smirnoff mixed drinks more often for social occasions.

Smirnoff is the world’s most important vodka for the simple reason that it is used in more great drinks than any other brand. And no one knows that better than the people who pour it: the bartenders. For this reason, the campaign was supported by TV ads showing the journeys of a bartender around the world, seeking the real essence of local cultures in a perfect drink.

This is one of the initial layouts for the campaign key visual. It provides a window into the bartender’s journey. The energy of New York brought to life by Smirnoff. A tantalising drink experience exploring the world’s best drinks and re-living the journey.

Date: 11 | 2011