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Sensodyne Repair & Protect Relaunch

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Five years have passed since the most successful toothpaste launch for GSK – and more specifically, Braulio’s first stab on Sensodyne’s projects.

Repair & Protect is Sensodyne’s most valuable portfolio item. For this reason it must keep up with market advancements.

Changes began internally, so Sensodyne worked on an improved formula with a higher efficacy on repairing sensitive teeth. The next step was to make it loud and clear.

Date: 12 | 2015


A problem to tackle was the fact that many consumers still didn’t realise that Repair & Protect is a special kind of toothpaste. It doesn’t simply numb sensitive teeth – its biocompatible ingredient caps teeth sensitive areas using the same building blocks of dentine. Despite being the name of the product, the ‘repair’ was never clear.

Braulio proposed a semiotics stratagem – to create a full communication ‘sign’ by uniting ‘signifier’ and ‘signified’. Repair would no longer just tell the product benefit, but also show it.

He created the graphics to depict the cunning idea. Headlines and pack shots are wonderfully reformed and improved by a hypernova of particles representing the product and which, at the end, gives new life to the awesome brand.

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