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Sensodyne True White Launch

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True White is one of Sensodyne’s latest innovations. It’s a premium whitening toothpaste, designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne True White is different because it relieves sensitivity and also is 10 times less abrasive than regular whitening toothpastes to reveal teeth natural whiteness.

Date: 08 | 2014

As a global campaign, it initiated in Turkey and has since been rolled out in Hong Kong, Arabia, Singapore, Poland as well as the UK. Many countries are to follow.

Sensodyne True White Launch

Conceptualising with Creative Directors, Braulio created the launch campaign and headed up the design on all the graphics.
From TV to print to POS to digital.

Sensodyne True White Launch

TV Elements



End Frame

Teaser Films

Braulio directed a series of teaser films to assert the brand launch. These CGI based videos were aired across diverse media, like TV, digital ads and pre-rolls.


In the world of toothpastes, the MOA is a critical design piece that shows the product benefit. Moving away from traditional scientific schematic depictions, Braulio created a 3d animation that taps into the beauty universe.

Breakthrough Film

Sensodyne has successfully relied on dentist testimonials for over 10 years. This time an extra film format was proposed to substantiate the science behind the product and the brand relevancy. Braulio created the design elements for this innovative film that had immediate positive impact on sales.
Sensodyne True White Launch


True White has been one of their most successful launches to date. In just 5 months, it became leader in the whitening category in every country it was launched, taking up to 5% of the market.